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Classes for Children and Teens



Circus Fun for Everyone!


Due to the Covid 19 situation, all group classes have been suspended for the time being.  Instead we are offering Private lessons as 1 - 2 - 1's or Family sessions (members of the same household), conditions apply - head over to the private lessons section of our website: or get in touch for full details:

In addition we are releasing free on-line tutorial videos via our You Tube Channel for you to follow along and circus at home (regardless of whether you have any equipment!):

We are in the process of exploring platforms such as Zoom which will enable group sessions from home and developing learn to juggle and circus at home kits for hire or purchase.

It is so important that we all remain active and keep our brains challenged during these unusual circumstances.  Keep informed by clicking on the black bar above which will take you to our Covid 19 updates page.  If you are not already on our mailing list and would like to be sign up at the bottom of the page or drop us a line.

Stay safe and carry on circussing :)

Once Life returns to normal we will again be providing a range of children’s circus classes, designed to encourage resilience, confidence, focus, and healthy, active lifestyles whilst having fun through circus.  Our programme is led by Miz, a fully qualified teacher, aerial instructor and children’s fitness instructor who is certified for aerial rigging safety. 

Apart from our Active Cherubs class which is only bookable termly through Active Cherry Fitness, children’s classes are currently £7.50 per session drop in or £6.50 per session when you book for the term. Term dates and fees are listed in the timetable below.  To book please complete the 'General Consent Form' found under the classes tab.

In addition to children's classes we have our 50+ Social Circus, Learn to juggle lunch break and our new Strings and Balls circus club for adults.  Find out more about these in our Adult Classes Section:

A full description of each class can be found below.

***Please wear suitable clothing that covers the backs of knees and bring a water bottle to all classes.***

Circus Monkeys:

These classes develop strength, flexibility, balance and coordination as well as confidence, resilience, team work and positive body awareness. Wednesday sessions incorporate ground skills practice; Diabolo, plate spinning, juggling, flower-sticks etc. and Aerial skills; hoop, trapeze, silks or rings. 

Circus Monkeys Seniors, Wednesday 4 - 5pm.  Doors open at 3.30pm so that students can come straight from school and put in some practice before class.

Circus Monkeys Juniors, 5 - 6pm (age 5+) - There is plenty of room for parents to stay and watch, especially as younger students may want accompanying to the toilet!

Circus Monkeys Mixed Aerial: This is an Aerial only class for Juniors, Seniors and our youth group and is held in the beautiful yoga-life studio.  Age 6 - 13.  Our trainee youth instructors attend this class and from time to time may be asked to spot, or teach under supervision with the older students.  

Circus by the Sea 14 - 19yrs:  This class is funded by the community lottery fund and provided by our Charity Circus by the Sea.  It is co located with our Mixed Aerial Class on Fridays.  This term is funded by the Community Lottery Fund and provided through our charity Circus by the Sea - so it is free to participants :)  Older students should also check out our Strings and Balls Circus Club which is listed in the adult classes section of this website!

 Sweet Circ-ed

We have 2 classes especially for children in the Home Education community. Classes sizes are capped to ensure your child gets extra attention and instruction.  Sweet Circ-Ed can supplement your home ed curriculum providing physical activity and education, performing arts, and learning / social skills such as focus, resilience and confidence.  Learners will be introduced to a range of Circus Skills including ground skills such as juggling and plate spinning as well as aerial hoop, silks or trapeze. The course can form part of your Home Ed Curriculum involving physical activity, social skills and performing arts.

The 11.45 class has recently been awarded funding from the Fonthill Foundation and we are currently developing a complimentary programme of literacy skills and Arts Award qualifications.  Further information will follow.

Aerial Dance

Electra Star Dance have recently opened a custom build dance studio in Horam.  We are working in partnership with them to provide Aerial Dance Classes, this is a wonderful opportunity for young dancers to experience movement in the air.  For those who wish to peruse a performance career, Aerial dance is a sought after skill which should improve their employment prospects.  We hope to bring more Aerial circus classes to this stunning venue in the near future.

Active Cherubs

This class is suitable for children age 6 – 16 and is situated in a fully equipped Aerial Fitness Studio.  Classes involve a short ground-skills session, followed by a warm up.  Students are then divided in to age / size / experience related groups to work on aerial equipment.    As with all Aerial Studios this one is cold during the colder weather so ensure you bring layers and parents wishing to stay and watch will also want to wrap up!  Mondays 5 - 6pm.

**This class needs to booked direct with Active Cherry Fitness by clicking HERE**

If you would like to book a trial drop in class or simply have a few questions please do get in touch via email: / Phone: 07718 996 853 or message through facebook or twitter :)

You can also book Sweet circus birthday parties, and workshops for schools, community groups, festivals and events .... explore the rest of this website to find out more.